Monday, August 4, 2008

The "NoBama" Lady and Socialist Presidential Candidates

I saw a lady in the grocery store wearing a shirt that said "NoBama" and on the back it read "Vote Against Socialism in 2008." I find this interesting because I assume she supports John McCain. Maybe I shouldn't assume this. Perhaps she supports Chuck Baldwin, Bob Barr, or Charles Jay. For some reason I doubt it.

The interesting thing about John McCain is that this guy is the wrong choice for capitalists who care about economics. McCain has admitted that he does not know much economics. In fact he even deferred to Phil Gramm and his team of advisers ( reminiscent of Romney's team of lawyers). When Ron Paul was allowed to ask McCain a question during one debate McCain could not give an answer. He scrunched his little old face like only John McCain can and said something like " Well Ron ( or maybe, my friend), that's why I am a leader. As President I would have the right advisors like our friend Phil Gramm.." Or something like that; you get the point.

Of course when Phil Gramm made some controversial capitalist remarks, McCain repudiated Gramm and said that he does not speak for him. Except, of course, when he does.

McCain was also against the socialist housing "bailout"- until he voted for it. Sorry John, paying off banks does not make one a "real" capitalist. Coming out against earmarks but outlawing political speech is not going to cut it either. This is also a guy who says things like "so-called freedom of speech." This may be another issue entirely, but McCain the non-capitalist also has disdain for the Bill of Rights.

When someone is a walking billboard for opposing socialism, I would expect him to care a great deal about capitalism. I don't think a capitalist can support someone like John McCain- someone who has never met a socialist "bi-partisan compromise" he didn't like. McCain is not a conservative capitalist and certainly not a small government free-marketer. No, if any label fits McCain it is the oxymoronic "National Greatness Conservative", which most closely translates to "national socialist." This is someone who LOVES big government and socialist spending as long as it aims to make the country "great" in his vision.

McCain tries to have it both ways. He is like John Kerry with twice the flip and three times the flop. He wants to be a capitalist only when politically convenient. He also has shown that he can stand up to the Evangelical hate movements, but then says he " doesn't believe in gay adoption" because both a mother are father are required to raise a child ( I don't know if he also opposes straight single adoptions). He doesn't go to church- but tells interviewers his perfect Sunday includes attending his local Baptist Church.

I understand how politics works, but McCain and his supporters have no room to talk about anything.

Is Barack Obama a socialist? uh, probably. Am I voting for him? No ( though I am rooting for his victory for other reasons). Is McCain any better? Not at all- at least not to capitalists, conservatives, libertarians, free marketers, Constitutionalists,etc. If you belong to any of those groups McCain is about as worthy as his friends Teddy Kennedy and Hillary Clinton.

Obama may be an empty suit, but it seems like McCain is an empty sack.


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